Experienced Attorney Available for Per Diem Service in the New York Area

Per Diem Attorney for Nassau County, Suffolk County, 5 Boroughs, and More

Every attorney has been in some situation where they absolutely needed assistance. Calling for a continuation might be the wrong strategic move, yet you have to have an medical procedure done and you cannot appear. You have a desperate client who is in trouble in another state where you aren’t licensed to practice. You need the help of an experienced lawyer who is available for per diem help on short notice. If you need that kind of attorney, call Anne Rosenbach.

Sometimes, your firm’s needs aren’t so esoteric. If you can’t make an appearance on behalf of your client, Ms. Rosenbach will be available to stand in for you in court. With her practical experience, you won’t need to spend hours explaining your case, and you can be confident that all will go well in your absence. She knows the New York courts and is familiar with the various procedures for motions and can advise as to what you need for conferences.

Law firms aren’t the only entity to be able to take advantage of Ms. Rosenbach’s per diem services. If you run a business with or without in-house counsel, hiring Ms. Rosenbach to handle some issues for you can add value and efficiency to your enterprise.

Per Diem Help Your Firm or Business Can Count On

Hiring an experienced per diem attorney can be a cost saving measure for your law firm or business. You can have competent and professional legal assistance without some of the costs associated with hiring a full-time counselor. You will have on-demand help that you can count on with Anne Rosenbach. She has experience in a variety of practice areas with a record of success in all of them. She has the respect of local attorneys and judges, and is active in the legal community. Call her to talk over your needs and find out how she can be of service.