New York Collections Attorney

Collections Attorney Anne Rosenbach has 30 years of experience fighting for justice for her clients. She can come up with a sound legal strategy to protect your assets when creditors use unfair tactics, or will use the law to doggedly pursue those who owe you for services or goods rendered. Ms. Rosenbach understands that by hiring an attorney, you automatically add to your debt, or will get back less than you owe. She will work efficiently to get you results at a price you can live with.

Ms. Rosenbach is also a sought after per diem attorney. If your firm is out of town and you have business in Nassau County, call on Ms. Rosenbach for help in a variety of practice areas. If you are a solo practitioner and are feeling swamped with motions and briefs, call on Anne Rosenbach for some assistance and relief.

Debt Collection Legal Services

Debt collection is often considered a dirty business. However, the various consumer protection and finance laws have helped to clean up the field. An attorney like Anne Rosenbach, who knows the law and who is very professional, will help you collect what you are owed while keeping your reputation intact. If you are currently experiencing some financial difficulty, you will find non-judgmental help with Ms. Rosenbach. She’ll focus on negotiating settlements with creditors so that you can protect your credit rating and assets while working your way back to the black.

Hire an Experienced Per Diem Attorney

Even large law firms need outside help from skilled lawyers. Anne Rosenbach is a dependable and experienced attorney who has appeared in state and federal courts all across the New York area. She has experience handling motions, conferences, and depositions. Whether you are an out of town firm who needs local assistance or a local lawyer who needs coverage last-minute, call Ms. Rosenbach when you need a competent lawyer at a reasonable rate.

Anne Rosenbach is one of the premier collections attorneys in Nassau, Suffolk, and the 5 boroughs. She will be an asset to any business who needs to recoup a debt or any law firm in need of temporary assistance. Call her today to discuss your needs.